My Mother Said What Mondays


(maybe the quote is true…maybe not….just for giggles)

I am adding a new post that I hope to write about every week regarding a topic most of us can relate to; our mothers. Mothers are a special species that grace this earth that profoundly affect most our lives in a very deep way. I am very fortunate to have a mother that cares immensely for me and that I look up to in many ways. Our relationship is dynamic to say the least and not always a smooth ride, but I love my mom and all her quirks. It’s a love hate relationship. Mostly love. Except when she is late…

There are so many traits that I have inherited from my mother. While we don’t share the same DNA, nurture has taken a huge role in who I am today.

Let’s face it….we all eventually become our mothers. 

My favorite trait that I have garnered from my mother is her free-spirited, wild love for travel and adventure. My mom took me traveling around the States and world from a young age and that shaped so much of who I am today. The ability to adapt and become friends with someone in any situation is such a beautiful lesson I have learned.

But back to the point. This space is for me to share some of the most humorous moments that my mother has brought. We all have those funny text messages and sayings that our mothers have said to us and I thought it would be fun to share them. Mom…don’t kill me. I do this out of LOVE.

Enjoy and share with me some of your moments!



Long story short…my mother recording a program on TV for me about the “practice of dabbing” and marijuana…god bless Sheryl. My friends found this hilarious and out of context, this could seem like a very odd thing to send your daughter. However, it was actually very thoughtful of her as I am an anthropology major and took a fascinating class about drug policy, specifically the coca plant and cultural implications that affect Bolivia.

I mean, how many people can say that their mom wants them to watch a program about “the practice of dabbing” and marijuana.

Gotta love Sheryl!

Stay tuned for more funny stories…mostly text messages she sends me. Technology has brought me a whole new wave of humor

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