Thankful for Friends (and Turkey…and Pie)


“Never estimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

The quote above is a massive joke. I am so thankful for my friends and all their quirks, weird behavior and passions that are fascinating. I am also thankful for the nights we are curled over laughing over nothing and everything. As break started, we had a friendsgiving and let me say…it was classy! It was a night full of a lot of laughter, good food, good people and cards of humanity where everyone’s true nature was revealed. I love the tradition of friendsgiving that has become increasingly more popular in recent years.

Till next year…and now onto Christmas!



We get classier every year! (We also had a kids table…but really).


Vietnamese spring rolls


Ham and pineapple.


Pumpkin pie…you can find the recipeĀ here


Rum apple crisp (recipe coming soon).


At my second friendsgiving I was the youngest person at the table and had a fabulous time! This is my new friend Rob reading his thankful sheet…its says “I am thankful for midterm elections.” What a gem!

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