A Vegetable A Day Keeps the Doctor Away


“Lettuce Turnip The Beet” 

I am sure there are several articles on the internet as well as the every prevalent voice of parents that vegetables are the key to kindness, intelligence and basically being a good human. And now that I am old and mature, I know that this couldn’t be more true. Vegetables are not only critical, but delicious. But hey, I am human and don’t always love eating them no matter how delicious they taste. So, the solution I have found that is ALWAYS yummy and fulfills all the nutritional requirements that the doctors say I am supposed to have, I blend them every morning! I love putting spinach and broccoli in all my smoothies and when they are frozen, you really can’t taste it. And not that I have anything against the taste of vegetables…but I would rather taste fruit. Let’s be real. I really don’t use any set recipe every morning, but rather just toss as many fruits and vegetables in my blender, some yogurt and almond milk and blend! And every time, you get a yummy smoothie.

So chug and glug and let me know if you have any recommendations or recipes you love!



Strawberries, blueberries, spinach, bananas and almond milk.


Watermelon, celery, water, apples and probably something else.


Yogurt, strawberries, frozen broccoli and apple.

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