Farewell February


“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

-Albert Einstein


With any change, the small ones that include the shift from Monday to Tuesday and the big ones like picking up your entire life and moving it half way around the world, change is equally a terrifying and beautiful thing. And sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rhythm that becomes a rut. I used to enjoy the idea of a life without a schedule or plan and while I still love and chase spontaneous adventures, I have quite liked having a routine. However lately, it has seemed like it is evolving into a rut which is simply said not enjoyable.

Sometimes it feels like everything is falling apart and other times it is all coming together. And perhaps they are the same thing disguised as each other or one of the same. 


Ps. This is my best friend Kelse and I am so thankful for all the spontaneous adventures that we have been having lately. She always tells me not to do anything she wouldn’t do which is the best advice….because she is a fearless and fun soul so that ironically doesn’t limit me in anyway. 

It is often easy to become stagnant and stop doing the things that made you feel so good; to fall into that trap of getting to a good place and neglecting the small things that built up over time and gave you those feelings. I will be the first to say that I have never loved the month of February (to my friends reading this that have birthdays in February…those are the only days I enjoy haha). There is something about the change in seasons and time of the year that has always left me feeling stagnant. But….(and there is always a but) things are starting to shift and I have been feeling a new energy and excitement for what is to come. It’s times like these that I am learning to embrace and be grateful for and work on being more present for.

Also, I think that it is so important to be grateful for the friends and family that you can call any hour of the day to talk about anything and everything with. Especially when it is to face time your aunt and mom who are in Tahiti watching the sunset. What cool kids.


Hey March! Nice to meet you. I’m excited.


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