Kids These Days

The other day I taught two impromptu classes to a student one-on-one to catch him up from prior missed classes. I had met him as he was in one of the classes that I observed and knew that he was an energetic and smart little boy! I taught him one block of reading and another of writing with a 10 minute break in-between. He already understood the words and phonetic sounds from the chapter, so we played a lot of games to review including word tic-tac-toe, hangman and some games I easily made with blank paper and markers.

One fun game I played with him was what I call word bank bonanza. I had a bunch of paper squares with every letter of the alphabet included several times. I told him to make the word that first came to his mind.

He chose toilet.

I almost cackled and was trying to compose myself from laughing. The lesson itself was simple to follow and add onto. The hard part of teaching is classroom management. While this was only one student, keeping them focused and on task is of most importance! The entire two classes his mom just sat outside of the room and would occasionally peak in through the window.

Went to a store for water and ran into this dog carrier device.

Tomorrow and the weekend I have off and plan on meeting up with a few people before my week of training for the fall semester with all the teachers begins. My particular English center has 3 campuses around Shanghai for K-6.

Shanghai is such a dynamic and vibrant place to be. I’ve been able to talk to several teachers at my center and some of them have been doing this for a while given the lifestyle and love for living in China.

I will also be moving to my new place from my hotel early next week which I am excited about! Choosing housing can be really stressful and there is so much diversity in style and location depending on what you want. People often go through a realtor and pay 35% of the first month rent as commission to them or go directly through a landlord or roommates which I have done. The good news is that Shanghai’s transportation, especially their metro, is top notch and can get you practically anywhere. You can also use an app called DiDi which is like Uber/Lyft to get around cheaply. There are also bike share apps you can use, public buses or high speed trains if you are going outside the city center. One of my destinations this weekend is the massive Starbucks that opened in 2017 and is world renown for its size, design and experience. They roast the beans there, store them and it has been widely successful in a country of tea!



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