Shanghai Life Lately

Happy Singles Day! Singles day is November 11th and is the biggest shopping day of the year in China with sales galore. Black Friday has nothing on China’s Singles Day. I have dived into the world of Taobao and Baopal online app shopping and there is really no going back. That being said, I still do enjoy shopping in person. Call me old-fashioned. I thought I would include a few pictures of life lately that have made me laugh, amused me or brought me a lot of happiness (the food). Life in Shanghai remains wonderful and delightful even as the weather gets colder and days get shorter.

My favorite Japanese restaurant has the most delicious chicken teriyaki bowl that I always get with a side of sparkling plum wine.

The other night I ordered fried chicken with my roommate and it was delivered to us with plastic gloves to eat with. Little things like this make me laugh. The other day I was in a bakery and purchasing a muffin and the guy in front of me asked (in Chinese) for plastic gloves to eat his croissant. It makes sense but yet really makes me laugh.

How cute is this kid?! He was on the metro with his grandparents the other day and kept dancing and holding onto the pole. He also was seriously flirting with me with his smiles and side eye.

While I have a regular yoga studio I go to, I love going to fun meetups! This one was at a restaurant I love and we did yoga in the morning on the patio. It was freezing cold that morning, but we all got warm quickly and after class had breakfast together.

And check out this stunning Italian pizza! What I love about shanghai is that one day you can have $2 dumplings or street noodles and the next you can have food from anywhere in the world you can dream of. A colleague took me to a wonderful falafel place run by a Lebanese chef and it was glorious!

I was so happy to find this book in my schools library and want all my elementary students to read it for book club! This series was my absolute favorite growing up and I read it over and over again. I was obsessed!

Also yet another cute baby on the metro. I want to eat all their cheeks.

I continue to LOVE Shanghai and am excited for the visits people are planning to visit me. I am so ready to show off this city I love so much and feed them all the food.


2 thoughts on “Shanghai Life Lately

  1. The gloves thing always made me laugh in China! They use them with everything. I was sceptical at first but I thought I’d give it a go after a while when I got them with a pizza delivery. Sold. My hands were so clean!


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