The Calm Before the Mom

(Excerpts from an essay I wrote in 2010. While I’ve changed a lot, it shows I’m still fundamentally the same person).

“Life is the greatest gift and the only one who can change and live it is you. This has always been a philosophy of mine and I truly believe it. Life is a journey that throws many adventures, challenges and lessons and other emotions and events at you. It is how you react, adapt and move forward that determines the person you are. The smallest moments in my life have often made the largest impacts on my philosophy and who I am…I also believe and know that my actions each day define who I am, the person I am the next day and forever on. Life is going to get rocky and tough, but if you sail through it win a fearless attitude and supportive people, the water will eventually calm and become clear.

(Let’s also note I got a perfect score….)

My mom recently sent me this essay I wrote in high school almost ten years ago and it was really beautiful to read and reflect on! In other news, I am officially on a short holiday. I survived my 9 day winter intensive! Between fall and spring semester, my school does two intensives that are nine days straight and consist of four classes (reading, writing, STEAM and book club). The first intensive I didn’t have students and was busy preparing for the spring semester, doing interviews for future students and usual office work. 9 days straight was so intense! I had a morning and afternoon group and they seriously tested my patience and I drank some coffee and took an ibuprofen to survive.

And drumroll…tomorrow my mom is coming to Shanghai! I’m so excited to have my first visitor and for it to be SHERYL! We are going to have a great time and I have lots of fun planned. I’m most excited for her to meet my students and see how amazing they are.

My favorite activity I did for both classes from the nine days, was building marshmallow and toothpick structures. They learned about balance, got creative with their designs and most importantly did not stab me or each other with toothpicks.

Another fun lesson for the art portion of STEAM, was a pointillism lesson on the seasons. Some grasped it, and others just wanted to smear paint around.

Today, I had a slow start and took a bath then went to the highly anticipated Shake Shack in Xintiandi. Shocking the wait was only 10 minutes and like a lot of things it was mostly hype, but I enjoyed my shake and burger.

This photo is just because…LOOK AT IT. It has a pearl necklace I mean…..

Get ready for #SherylInShanghai…


4 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Mom

  1. A way out here they got a name for rain and wind and fire. The rain is Tess, the fire is Joe, and they call the wind Maria.

    Have fun with Maria!! MrJim.


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