Hello, my name is Kaila and welcome to my world where I am constantly striving to evolve, explore and understand the complex yet simple nature of the many environments I surround myself in and experience through visual, audio and written expression. I am constantly asking myself Where Have You Been, Where Are You Now and Where Are You Going, and enjoying unraveling the conclusions and open doors I find myself going through. Sometimes falling through too. I believe there is an intrinsic nature within all beings that begs us to search for the answer of where we came from and how that propelled us to the present now, which is already gone, and how that will formulate the future, which is already now and has just now passed and will be referred to as the past now and in the forever future.

My intent is that this be a space to explore the present, revisit and reflect on the past and look towards the future. Travel is a state of mind that can be just as meaningful when in a plane traveling thousands of miles or sitting on a couch and thinking back in time to a experience that happened years ago. It’s all travel. Sometimes it’s important to be where your feet are, but it’s also fascinating to be in a physical space and in another mental space entirely. It’s all travel. Finding the balance and synchronicity in it all is what I believe to be essential for the kind of life I want to live.

I enjoy all aspects of life including but not limited to the joy, suffering, laughter, exploration, ironic (especially the ironic), spontaneous, silly, tragic and beautiful nature of every moment that we are all fortunate to experience and share. What separates from the rest of world beings is that we come together and collaborate, which I hope to do with any and all of you.

Welcome to my world and I can’t wait to create and understand it all.

Your are always welcome to email me at: KailaintheWorld@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kaila,
    Thanks for introducing me to your website through the family Christmas letter. I’ve read quite a few of the pieces here and find it incredibly thoughtful.
    Hoffy (a good friend of your mom)


  2. Hi! Can you add me to your distribution list? I would love to follow you more closely. Is that how you do it? I’ve never been a blogger before…..

    Becky (OLSON) Lichty


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