Sheryl Said What Monday

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It is no secret that my mom is hilarious; I think so, my friends think so and apparently you all do too. A few years ago, my mother refused to text and would only talk on the phone or in person. She refused to pay for texting and I didn’t even get a phone until high school (great choice in hindsight). However, in the last few years, she has upped her texting and technology game and I would say has the tendency of the millennial with her Iphone. I fact, she has a newer version of Iphone than I do. One of my favorite things that my mother texts me about is the family cat, Whisky, who is so cute and doesn’t like me unless I feed her. She is a small tuxedo cat and since I no longer get to see her, I like getting the occasional photo….and my mom’s captions to the photos.

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