Dawn to Dusk: Living Magic


Life is a series of events that none of us are ever fully prepared to experience. But we do. And that is the beauty and tragedy in it all. None of us can plan for anything when we can’t predict the future. We can only live in the now and make conscious decisions that move us to a positive future.¬†As I catch up on the last few weeks of posts, I thought I would start by sharing one of the greatest¬†set of days; the kind of day that you can’t plan for and just say yes to because you know that it is fleeting, magical and rare.

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Turning Over a New Leaf: Falling and Flying in Fall


There is always something special going on in the universe during this time of the year. It is an immense time of change from an environmental perspective with the earth shedding its layers from the growth of the spring and summer. It is also a time of change from a personal perspective as a student as well. No matter what year a student is in school, adjusting back into the semester after the initial excitement from the beginning dies down is a major transition. I don’t think we as humans give each other enough credit for how we cope with everything going on. It’s okay and sometimes mandatory to be extra kind to ourselves and sleep another hour, have one more piece of chocolate or sit outside a little longer and ignore the lists we all have sitting on our desks and counters.

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The Greatest Conundrum: College


College is the epitome of a beautiful conundrum. It is failing to learn and learning to fail, figuring everything out only to realize you know nothing, interacting with the best (and sometimes the worst) people and realizing that every moment of life is flying by and you might as well enjoy it to the maximum because none of us know the future. No class inside or outside the classroom can teach that. Embrace now.

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