The Greatest Conundrum: College


College is the epitome of a beautiful conundrum. It is failing to learn and learning to fail, figuring everything out only to realize you know nothing, interacting with the best (and sometimes the worst) people and realizing that every moment of life is flying by and you might as well enjoy it to the maximum because none of us know the future. No class inside or outside the classroom can teach that. Embrace now.

This morning I went on my usual hike up Chautauqua to the Flat Irons for sunrise and reflected on the last weeks and the change of seasons. For me, Fall has always been a challenging time with the immense levels of personal and environmental change. I’ve been in an funk, a mood, or perhaps even a hole that was confusing and had me questioning everything without being able to grasp anything for long. What am I doing in college? What is my purpose? Who am I? Of course these are questions that many of us ponder on a regular basis, but I was fixated on finding an answer and couldn’t let go and just be.

Let go, just be.

Easier said than done, but when practiced it is beautiful. There is no reason to box ourselves in or decide anything now.

Time is infinite. 

 One of my favorite concepts that I have taken from yoga is the idea that we tell ourselves stories, and they aren’t always true. Letting go of these false stories and writing our own is more important than worrying about the perceptions or people who want to tell our stories for us.

Write your own story.

Be the author of you own life. 

Start now. 

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