Looking Back: Peru


This is my first post regarding looking back on travels and focusing on

where I have been

Going to Peru with my mom, cousin and aunt was one of my favourite trips that I will remember forever. It was so special to be traveling this amazing country with three of my greatest inspirations and dear family members. My mom kept telling me how lucky I was to be fifteen and going to Maccu Piccu. I couldn’t have agreed more and looking back, I realise that even more. I am blessed to have a family that loves travelling the world and constantly visiting new places.

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A New Season, A New Cycle


This has always been one of my favourite times of the year since as long as I can remember. The excitement of a new year, almost more important than the January 1st celebration. It comes with reuniting with friends, new inspiration and a fresh start for everyone. I also know that eventually this cycle will end when I finish school (will that actually ever happen? I love school and learning so much, that regardless if I am in a classroom I will forever be curious and learning something new).

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Bring on the Bruises…Next Chapter


I couldn’t be more excited to end the conclusion to this chapter in my life and start the next one. There are moments that I wish I could go back to that have now faded into memories, and times that lasted forever and brought a new meaning to suffering. But they are all over and have all profoundly and sometimes not so profoundly been part of my life and forever will be imprinted into my body…until seven years from now when all my cells regenerate.

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Sundaze and Those Days


Occasionally the deal with life is that it will break your heart. People will…but sometimes the universe will too because not everything is fair. And it might not even be happening to you; in fact a lot of the times it’s when we are watching the people we care most about or strangers we have never met that is the most painful. But that is a beautiful thing, because it means that you feel, care and have the ability to feel empathy.

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Slow and Steady


Very few people in life will tell us to slow down and not accomplish more, be more or have more. Yet, the best thing you can do is to take your time and be present. There is nothing that can’t wait to be said in person or on the phone. We are losing our ability to communicate as humans; forgetting the art form that is conversation and expression with the infiltration of emojis and lol’s and hahas.

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Toughy (Aubrey)


This crazy things happen when you unplug your headphones, stop looking ahead in a dead stare and decide to stop and chat to another human for no other reason but than just because. As I was walking downtown after having an amazing lunch with a friend who just moved to Colorado, I checked out the centre of the 16th street mall and was immediately drawn to this awesome group of musicians jamming out with their puppies and rolling around in these funky, red chairs.

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