Toughy (Aubrey)


This crazy things happen when you unplug your headphones, stop looking ahead in a dead stare and decide to stop and chat to another human for no other reason but than just because. As I was walking downtown after having an amazing lunch with a friend who just moved to Colorado, I checked out the centre of the 16th street mall and was immediately drawn to this awesome group of musicians jamming out with their puppies and rolling around in these funky, red chairs.

They may have been rocking a totally different clothing style than me, but when in Denver you might as well sit down on the ground and jam out. Until the cops yelled at me for sitting down…that’s a rule now? After listening to some absolutely phenomenal music, I asked Toughy if I could have a life chat with her and get to know 1% that is who she is.


Kaila: Hey Toughy, is that your real name and how old are you?

Toughy: My given name is Aubrey, but I go by Toughy and am 23.

Kaila: What brings you to Colorado?

Toughy: Originally the weed and the mountains. But what got me to stay was everything at first, but lately the cops have started cracking down and it’s not as much fun.

Kaila: What were you like growing up?

Toughy: Weirdo. Total weirdo. I was so hyped on adorall and wrote songs and failed at school.

Kaila: What did your parents make of you?

Toughy: They hated me until I went to college. I went on the streets till I was sixteen then went to college and was first in business school, hated it so went back and did sociology.

Kaila: What’s your casual life plan?

Toughy: Open up a commune and do studies on travel-short term goal is this. Hanging out with my band Appalachian Soup Company.


Where have you been?

Everywhere (laughs). Germany, France, Mexico and forty-two states in America.

Where are you now?


Where are you going? 

No clue.

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