Looking Back: Peru


This is my first post regarding looking back on travels and focusing on

where I have been

Going to Peru with my mom, cousin and aunt was one of my favourite trips that I will remember forever. It was so special to be traveling this amazing country with three of my greatest inspirations and dear family members. My mom kept telling me how lucky I was to be fifteen and going to Maccu Piccu. I couldn’t have agreed more and looking back, I realise that even more. I am blessed to have a family that loves travelling the world and constantly visiting new places.


This trip was on my Aunt Judith and mothers bucket list and my cousin Kathryn and I were so stoked to go! We decided to travel with a small tour group (12 other people) that consisted mostly of people over 55…and I had a blast! It was wonderful to travel with such interesting people and hear about their lives and have fun with them running around Peru.


I will never forget Peruvian food! So amazing. The photo above is of ceviche ..I still remember the flavour of the seafood our first night there.


We spent the first few days in the capital visiting museums, the main plaza, a gold and pottery monument and wandering the bustling city.


We love pisco sours!


We then flew to Cusco and took the train into Aguas Calientes, the base of Maccu Piccu.


It was a gorgeous train ride and we could barely contain our excitement as we drew closer to Maccu Piccu.


It is just as spectacular as you would imagine it to be!


I got up super early the next day to hike Waynapiccu while everyone else hiked the sun gate. What a view!


We flew to lake Titicaca and got to visit the floating islands on reeds, the whiskey island and see Bolivia from across the water.


My absolute favourite part of the trip was going to the Amazon. What an incredible place where we saw white dolphins, spent time in the jungle with the howling monkeys, went fishing for piranhas, visited a shaman and learned about the local tribes.



Fortunately they used darts that didn’t have poison in them for me and I did not suck in and get poisoned in the middle of the jungle.


Holding a wild baby sloth. Sorry customs!


An amazing frog with camouflage out of the world.


Fishing for piranhas that we later ate! Yummy.

I loved every second of this trip and can’t wait to go back as soon as possible to hike the Inca trail and hopefully get to hang out with my former guides who referred to me as the small, crazy american girl with black hair. Pretty much sums it up!

One thought on “Looking Back: Peru

  1. The best thing about Peru is the food. For me and now over 50% of tourists to the country, the food takes center stage. Good to see you like Pisco Sours!! delicious. Peru is an amazing country and the food is going to take over the world. Keep travelling!


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