A New Season, A New Cycle


This has always been one of my favourite times of the year since as long as I can remember. The excitement of a new year, almost more important than the January 1st celebration. It comes with reuniting with friends, new inspiration and a fresh start for everyone. I also know that eventually this cycle will end when I finish school (will that actually ever happen? I love school and learning so much, that regardless if I am in a classroom I will forever be curious and learning something new).

It is such a special time to be surrounded by all your friends and future new friends. I am settling into my beautiful apartment with three wonderful gals and adjusting to my new classes which so far are all interesting….so far.

One of my favourite classes is already Astronomy where my professor who wears chacos and has a man bun, occasionally brings his cute two kids-one of which also has a little 3 year old, blonde man bun and likes to add cute quips to the class. Mostly involving “no.”

Here is to living, loving and learning.


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