Glow and Grow: Starting (Almost) Everyday with a Hike


“An apple a day keep the doctor away”

This is a phrase all of us know too well; a concept our parents and doctors growing up indoctrinated us with to encourage us to eat our fruits and vegetables in order to grow big and strong and have a healthy life. However, what if we looked at this as a hike a day keeps the doctor away.


A hike a day keeps the doctor away

It is a personal truth that hiking and being in nature is the ultimate activity for relaxation, creative innovation and de-stressing from the immense amount of change and movement that happens every single day in life. Lately I have been making the space in my life to really spend as much time as possible outdoors. It’s easy to make excuses.

I don’t have time.

I’m too tired. 

I would rather sleep. 

These are all interesting observations, but ultimately are doing no one any good. Especially the most important one…


Making the time to take care of yourself is essential and has been something I have been very conscious and diligent about lately and has helped create a beautiful state of being for me.


My favorite trail in Boulder is at the base of Chautauqua and leads up to the Flat Irons. It is amazing. My favorite time is to go for sunrise which means waking up around 5 am to make it the base of the trail and ascend up before the sun peaks. I have done this hike countless times and love it more and more each time!


The rocky climb section. Nature’s stair master!


Waking up is always, always, always worth it to be in the presence of these natural colors. The lighting is absolutely stunning!


Starting today.

Don’t make excuses.


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