Sheryl Said What Monday

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It is no secret that my mom is hilarious; I think so, my friends think so and apparently you all do too. A few years ago, my mother refused to text and would only talk on the phone or in person. She refused to pay for texting and I didn’t even get a phone until high school (great choice in hindsight). However, in the last few years, she has upped her texting and technology game and I would say has the tendency of the millennial with her Iphone. I fact, she has a newer version of Iphone than I do. One of my favorite things that my mother texts me about is the family cat, Whisky, who is so cute and doesn’t like me unless I feed her. She is a small tuxedo cat and since I no longer get to see her, I like getting the occasional photo….and my mom’s captions to the photos.

This is a screenshot from one of our text exchanges a few weeks ago.


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“She flipped me the paw”

I nearly died of cackling and sent it as soon as possible to all my friends because “SHE FLIPPED ME THE PAW.”

Okay that is all. Mother, you are probably reading this and yes, the world needs to know about this because it is the greatest thing ever.

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Sheryl Said What Monday

  1. …(a Donald Trump “…”) so is this the “paper” you were finishing before class today? Doesn’t seem very academic unless you are taking a comedy course!


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