Guatemala: Service Trip


Today I am reflecting back on a trip I took post senior year of high school. I grew up with a strong faith going to Trinity United Methodist church in Denver and had my fair amounts of doubts and questions in my own journey, but it continues to be a strong part of my life that I hope to infinitely explore. I was able to go to Guatemala for two weeks to help start  build a house for a deserving family in Chontola, a small village outside of Antigua. It was a very humbling trip that was full of hard work, a lot of fun and time spent getting to know my youth group, youth leader and parents who joined us on the trip. It was a beautiful time and I almost spent the rest of the summer there to teach in the school my church supports, but was accepted into the ambassador program that took me to Malaysia.

I honestly can’t wait to go back and continue my own service group and explore my own faith and beliefs in such a beautiful place that has a lot to give and a lot to receive.

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Looking Back:Costa Rica


A electrifying and educational trip that I took the summer before my senior year of high school was to Heredia and Monteverde, Costa Rica where I lived for a month with host families and attended a spanish language school for five hours a day. Immersion is the only way to effectively learn a language and I had the best time with my host family and international friends that were also at the language school. Shoutout to my mother for forever installing my love a travel and sending me out in the world to independently explore, knowing that I would come back a better version of myself! What an amazing role model I have.

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