Happy Hooky Holi-daze


After a rough last few weeks of school and finals week, I kicked off holiday break with a series of wonderful friends including old, new and same! It was great to catch up with friends from high school, show friends from college around Denver and indulge in delicious food and even better  company.

The company you keep is critical

You are who you surround yourself with


I rounded up the troops of friends in town and we all had cocoa and cookies before heading out to the Botanic Gardens Blossom of Lights. We had an absolute blast! It totally beats the zoo lights because there are no animals to create that odor that literally smells like s*** because it is s***.


With one of my most favorite friends in the world.

Treasure your friends! Besides time, they are the most precious thing life has to offer along with family. 


I headed out with my mom to our families house in Wyoming per an infinite amount of years of tradition. The drive to Wyoming was gorgeous.


Taking the gorgeous, alternative route.


Taking my favorite cousin for a morning walk in the park. Small towns are so great.


Each year my Mom and me send out a holiday card and photo. We have been doing this since I was a wee little thing and when I was ten, I started writing the holiday card myself and have been doing so ever since! This year I included a paper crane and my new business card. You can read our holiday card here: Holiday Card 2015


We have been having the exact same holiday meal with the same people who are the closest of close family friends for ages and this year was no different. Every year we have a set Swedish meal that includes Swedish meatballs, Lefsa, Potatascorf, mashed potatoes, fancy apple salad (with whip cream), homemade rolls and lots and lots of WINE and other spirits. We chow down on this meal followed by our annual dessert which is bavarian cream in the shape of a christmas tree. We also have a cookie plate that features Scandanavian jam drops, pecan puffs, chocolate oatmeal bars, chocolate toffee and our homemade chex mix.

Our family does everything homemade…just the way it should be!


We love them! This year there were only eleven of us as we are all getting older and having our own families and in-laws to appease. But no matter who is or isn’t there, its still the best! This is hard to believe, but besides the little kids (none of whom could come this year) I am the baby of the group. I used to be terrorized by all the older kids and cousins who I looked up to so much…nothing has changed now that I am old(er)!


In recent years, more friends have joined in our holiday traditions as well.

Living is Giving


Christmas eve was spent with the best of the best and we can’t wait until next year for the delicious Swedish feast we have.

As tradition, we also sing the song the 12 days of Christmas which turned out to be a HOT MESS this year. I have never experienced this level of disfunction singing a song we all know and sing every year. And because I love you all…we have a video of it. I die every time I watch it!

Hope you all have the best holidays spent with those who matter the most!

I am heading out tomorrow on the next adventure that is beyond epic proportions. Stay tuned…



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