When in Doubt…Be a Salmon


Everyday is an opportunity to try something new that terrifies you and that you will most likely fail at the first, second,third time. But for most people, they never keep trying and never improve.

What a shame.

It is a treacherous thing to thin that a person is anything more than just a person. But it is equally a treacherous thing to never try for anything. (Also a little pathetic).

I had a totally awesome day that started with a bike ride with my mom down to city park and ended with learning how to play disc golf, a road trip, amazing Mexican food, the Sante Fe art gallery first friday walk and drinking a beer on the top of the hill talking life and looking at the paper town below us all.

Life is seriously awesome and amazing and full of people that care deeply about others and themselves.

It is a unique and special experience to be human and to feel. Did I feel awkward the whole time playing disc golf? Yes. But what is it the most fun? Yes. Did I get pricked by cactus? Also yes.

Live that salmon life!

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