Feel, Trust, Love: Lessons from the Past Week


It has been a fairly wonderful past week that was filled with learning to ride a scooter…on a roof, biking up to the Boulder Falls (painful incline), some amazing rooftop dinners with friends, sunsets and sunrises and overall beautiful times with great people. Oh and then I got sick and went into full blown hibernation mode and also realised that I had two exams this week. Classic.

My favourite part of the past week was yesterday where I listened to a beautiful message about learning to

Feel, Trust and Love

especially when the world feels broken. In honour of September 11th, we will all never forget.



Spontaneous bike rides up Boulder Falls…that incline is no joke.


If any of you have read the book Radical Acceptance….I am so proud of you for finishing the book. It is difficult to say the least. What happened to the days of picture books…I even enjoy reading my anthropology textbook more. Just kidding, this book is very fascinating and interesting and a very long read!

Let me know if you made it through and have a great week ahead!

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