They say that college students are getting younger and younger these days. Apparently they really are, to the point where humans who have only been on planet earth for three years are now attending astronomy lectures. I met Duncan, age three, when I went into my astronomy professors office hours to discuss an exam when he dropped by with his mom and proceeded to give me two cookies and a kiss before he left. Already such a lady-killer! The next day to my surprise, little Duncan and his massive personality showed up in my classroom where he proceeded to sit next to me the whole lecture. To be fair, I had fresh-baked cookies with me; turns out that friendship can indeed be bought. He was the epitome of a good student during class. He raised his and asked his papa (the professor) for more goldfish, told everyone his favorite planet was mars and shared with the whole class that he thought we got the answer wrong. This kid is going places. Before class, I asked Duncan if I could interview him and he said yes, if I gave him another cookie.


Kaila: Hey Duncan. How are you?

Duncan: Goooooooood.

Kaila: What is your dream job?

Duncan: Astronaut, maybe a planet…like mars.

Kaila: Your dream job is to be a planet?

Duncan: Yeah.

Kaila: Do you enjoy having a man bun?

Duncan: Yes…my papa has one. I have one. (True story)

Kaila: What is your favorite part of your papa?

Duncan: Cookies

Kaila: What is your favorite part about your mom?

Duncan: Lemon bars.

Note: During this interview, he was eating a cookie and a lemon protein bar…so I’m not sure if this data is accurate….

Kaila: You have two siblings, what do you like about them?

Duncan: I like playing with Rowan.

Kaila: What about your older sister?

Duncan: Oh yeah.

Kaila: What do you think about the presidential campaign?

Duncan: Angry and sad because there are monsters.

Kaila: Insightful. What do you want in life?

Duncan: I don’t know…pizza.

Kaila: Do you want to go to CU when you are older?

Duncan: Yeah, it’s free.


Kaila: Anything else you want to say Duncan?

Duncan: Yes, yes..numbers.

Kaila: Okay Duncan, I am going to ask you three last questions.


Where have you been?

I don’t know, my mommas belly. Blue and Green.

Where are you now? 

Here on campus

Where are you going?



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