Family that are Friends and Friends that are Family


“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

– Tim Cahill

Hey friends!

Yesterday I got back from a whirlwind trip to New York to spend time with friends and catch up on lots of times and adventures that we have all had. Everyone talks about New York as if it is this land where dreams come true; and it is. However, for me, New York means good friends. I told one of my friends that I would be just as happy sitting in her apartment and eating donuts…not going to any attractions or doing whatever a typical New Yorker or tourist does. And I meant it. There is something so special when you find friends that you know will be in your life forever. People tend to come and go in life and thats just part of the rhythm…but I deeply value those who are part of my life and who allow me to part of theirs. Nothing is more special or magical. Money will only buy you so much; but it will never be able to buy you time or friends or family.

So, spoiler alert…I did go all over New York and saw some sights, but I did sit in one of my friends apartment and eat ice cream, slept a decent amount and remained stone cold sober the entire time..besides that one tequila shot.

So many special memories were made on this trip! Here are a few photos. I oddly didn’t take many at all. And considering I love photography, it was a unique experience to have.

Presence is the best present.



With two friends at the Met Breuer viewing the Diane Arbus black and white photography exhibit.


Spending hours in Central Park doing nothing but talking and laughing.


At The Smith for brunch with some of the best! Laughter, life talks and so so so much love.

I also was able to eat an amazing restaurant inside The Nomad hotel, walked the skyline at night, ate a hotdog (I know riveting), had a bagel (once again riveting), go lost in Stuy Town, bought a pair of ridiculous sunglasses in Times Square and ate dinner on the waterfront by the World Trade Center memorial.

Oh! And I lost my cellphone and someone returned it to me….karma is real ladies and gentleman.

Till the next adventure!

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