Beautiful Bogota: 15 Hours. Ready. Set. Go !


“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”


I am writing this from Copocabana, Bolivia and reflecting on my very short visit to Bogota. The way my flights worked out, I stopped in Bogota for 15 hours and arrived in the early morning hours and left in the late evenig. After collapsing on my bed for a few hours, I took a shower and headed to the center of Bogota for a few hours courtesy of a great driver named Jose who laughed at my Spanglish as we discussed our presidents, the point of having a wife/husband and our mutual love for Shakira. It was a wonderful afternoon that started with me in Monserrate followed by a yummy lunch, visit two museums and a drive back to the hotel where I provided great entertainment to Jose by sleeping through our planned Shakira dance party.


The beautiful view from the top of Monserrate. It was very crowded because it was a Sunday, however it is 100% worth it. A good view and some exercise is my kind of afternoon.


Visiting two free museums; the first was an art museum with that hosted several exhibits themed around obesity in the form of animals, fruits and humans. The other exhibit that I much preferred was modern art in sculpture and oil and offered no signs of obesity in theme or figure. The other museum I went to was a gold museum that was about the history of gold and offered stunning artificats and displays.


The Central Plaza. Pigeons and ice cream and rain for days.


Beautiful cathedral (covered in pigeons)


Top of Monserrate in the drizzling rain! After taking the cable car up, I decided to walk down the steep and winding stone steps! Stunning stunning view of the whole city and was quite magical in the rain if I do say so myself.

Bogota…I will be back!


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