I’ve Got (Holiday) Spirit, How About You?

Happy Holidays! Did Thanksgiving even happen? The Christmas spirit is here and thriving in Shanghai through excessively decorated malls, bright lights and consumerism. The holidays can often be a tough time for everyone no matter who they are or where they are in the world. Ive been doing lots of fun things to celebrate including going to a German Christmas market with the girls, decorating gingerbread houses with coworkers at my apartment and happily accepting the chocolate presents my students are giving me. Shanghai is very festive this time of the year and I am loving it!

Saturday evening I went to a great German Christmas Marker at the Paulaner Brahaus in Pudong. There were 70 or so outdoor stalls selling cute Christmas gifts and more importantly FOOD. I had some lovely mulled wine, bratwurst, potato soup and a yummy waffle with chocolate.

I went with four of my lovely girlfriends representing Germany, London and Spain and we had a laugh drinking mulled wine and soaking in the German Christmas spirit. Who knew my first German Christmas Market would be in Shanghai?! Life is so funny.

One of my favorite girls in Shanghai, Stacey! We both arrived in Shanghai to teach this August and actually met through this blog! You can find her on staceyinshanghai.com. I’m so grateful for her friendship and our mutual love of food, warm blankets, chocolate and chinese stickers.

Sunday evening, I had two coworker friends over and we decorated gingerbread houses. This is mine! I think Santa ate too much Chinese food this year and got stuck in the chimney.

Last week I was fortunate to take a day trip to Hong Kong and got to see the Godfather! He had just arrived back on campus for another semester of teaching. We shared some terrible coffee and delicious pineapple buns on his campus and caught up. I told him my pleasant surprise about how much I adore and love Shanghai! Being the wise godfather he is, he said he wasn’t shocked at all and knew I would love it!

This is one of my favorite students who is so smart, sassy and yes, draws pictures weekly of me being eaten by shark(s). Last week I asked him if he liked me and he said I was “so-so” with a huge smirk. HA! Three claps for humor Edward. I have introduced him to my beloved Arthur and I am so happy that he is loving it!

The mullet is alive and well in Shanghai!!

A regular sighting on the subway. I relate. I’m a sleeping champion! I hope he got off on the right stop.

How cute is my student and her red carrot purse. My students bring me so much joy and happiness! They make me laugh everyday and it is so rewarding to see how much they are progressing in their English language studies! Several weeks ago I finished writing all their mid-term report cards and it was touching to reflect on each of their progress. They are so smart, kind, funny and unique. I wouldn’t bet against any Shanghai kid; they are above and beyond.

Sending lots of holiday love,


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