New Zealand Part Two

Queenstown was so lovely and after a few days we drove to Fox Glacier. One night we went on a fun hunt in the rain for glow worms and we found them! I have no pictures as it was in the pitch dark, but it was like a scene out of Avatar with all the tiny blue bulbs of light. The highlight of being in the little town for the night happened the next morning…
Bright and early the next morning we took a helicopter ride and landed on a glacier! Fox Glacier to be specific. It was a very awe inspiring scene and one of my highlights of the trip.
Here we are! What a thrill.
Later that day, we went on a walk to visit another glacier! It’s sad to see how much they have receded.
Here I am folks!

We also went to Christchurch but curiously enough I appear not to have taken any photos.
Last, we flew to Wellington for the final leg of our trip.
Wellington has an amazing museum called Te Papa. We went twice because it was so good.
A huge highlight was the Alice in Wonderland exhibit. Here is the tea party with changing projections on a white table with oversized white tea party fare. It was so cool!
Here I am amongst Lewis Carol’s books!
A very fun part of Wellington was going to their version of “Hollywood,” called Wewata studios. They are responsible for the special effects and costumes of Avatar, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and more!
Amazing dessert at our farewell dinner our last night!
And that’s a wrap on our New Zealand trip!

And that’s it from that side of the world.


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