The End of Summer Camp!

Summer camp has officially ended and I am thrilled! It was a long push with no break between the end of last school year and summer camp. My school every summer does a summer camp for six weeks. This summer it was a little more complex as we extended the school year by two weeks. For the most part it just extended into the summer except for the students who have graduated. My school has students from age 2-6 and I teach the oldest class that is preparing for primary school. I thought I would share some of the themes and projects we did the summer for fellow teachers and just everyone else who wants to see all the fun we had!

Two week theme of famous people and inventors! How amazing is this sign that a teaching assistant made.

For the first two weeks we covered famous people and inventors that included Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Tu Youyou, Mother Theresa, and more.

When learning about Tu Youyou we did a glitter experiment to show how germs spread. Tu Youyou found the cure for malaria and the kids loved this activity!
For summer camp I had some of my old students, but also a mix of the other class is the same age.
Learning all about clouds for a weather theme! Here we are looking at clouds that look like different objects.
A meteorologist in the making!
Making the always popular tornado in a bottle.
A fun day in the sun for water day! I ran away from twenty children chasing me with water guns.
I introduced them to my weird talent for making balloon animals, hats, and various other objects.
A different class was reading the series about peppa pig, so the school had a pig come to visit. My class got to join in the fun!
We learned about the theme “Then and Now,” and made little covered wagons.
We learned about the different phones. This was an education for me too.
We had a telephone booth where we made pretend conversations.
We made homemade butter.
This activity was a HIT! They loved it and thought it was super yummy.
We talked about toys of the past. They all wanted a tamagotchi after I told them about it. I also want my old tamagotchi back that I lost when I was a child! They each brought in their favorite toy to share with the class.
I learned about the toy called a “hatchimal.” They are the most trendy toy and come in an egg that literally hatches.
Our art project titled “The future is so bright” where we drew two things we thought we would be doing in the future.
On our last day we had a massive party and had lots of treats! Most of these kids have been at our school since they were 2 years old. It was a happy and sad day for all! These are the future rulers of the world.

This week I have been knee deep in preparation for the new year which starts next week! New kids and new year here we go.

Bye bye summer!


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