All You Need Are Mountains and Friends


I am catching up on the past while trying to be in the present and planning for the future and its quite the overwhelming, but quintessential life experience and I love and hate it all at the same time.


After a phenomenal thanksgiving break with my family in Milwaukee, I made my way back to Boulder for a day of shredding the mountain with two friends before we got back to the business of school.


Sometimes all you truly need is the open road, friends, snacks (preferably all natural, organic, holistically grown Kale) and a day on the mountains to remind you whats important. 


We had the best day at Keystone.

No lines. 

Blue Skies.

Heaven does exist. 

Life is amazing. 


The views on views on views.


A day spent with friends in the mountains is never a day wasted.

Treasure your time, the company you keep and those blissful days. 

Can’t wait for the next day back on the mountain with these two and many more! It’s going to be an amazing season.

Colorado. You rock.

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