Twenty-Four Hours in Singapore with my Best Friend


I had never had intended to go to Singapore during this trip in Southeast Asia, but ended up booking a one-way plane ticket to this wonderful country the night before to visit a friend who also happened to be one of my first year college roommates. Before I proceed, I just want to say how much I value my friends and how fortunate I feel to have close friends to share all my secrets with and experience life with. We truly would never get anywhere in life without friends and I am grateful for everyone, you know who you are! After being dropped off at the airport, I navigated myself through the airport with just a medium sized purse carrying a change of clothes and my camera and made my way to the gate. This trip was so unplanned and spontaneous and I had adrenaline running through me the whole time; it was magical, mysterious, mystical and the best time.


Taking off and gliding over the ocean provoked some very interesting thoughts that I will share in my reflections page one day. All I can say, is there must be something about creativity and being in an airplane. I arrived in Singapore an hour later and grabbed a taxi to take my to Orchard Road to meet my friend. I had a great conversation with the taxi driver who had actually just moved back from New Jersey and gave me some great recommendations for stuff to do that night. I could have taken the LRT as a cheaper option, but I had less than 24 hours in Singapore, so took a very expensive cab ride with a great driver. That’s the first thing about Singapore you should know, it’s not cheap!



After meeting up, we dashed out of the hotel and ran around Singapore like crazy people; to be fair, we are absolutely crazy.   This is us messing around on the LRT and going the wrong way up and down escalators just because we can! We walked around, taking in the sites, listening to some outdoor music and avoiding all the people walking around the city with selfie sticks.



Eventually, the heat and hunger took over and we made our way to a Thai restaurant for some delicious food and mango smoothies because when in Singapore, everyone eats Thai food. Right?



We went to the famous lion cat statue and asked a nice fellow traveler to take a photo for us. I swear, we were the only people in that area not taking photos using a selfie stick. We also passed by the durian building!



After walking around the main area, we hopped back on the LRT and took ourselves to the Raffles Hotel for a famous Singapore Sling.


It’s not like we got lost or anything….



At the Raffles hotel, enjoying our way too expensive drink and peanuts!


Night descended quickly and we decided to go for the best view in the city and took the LRT to Marina Bay Sands to have a drink at the rooftop bar. The drinks were delicious, the light show was great, the view of the city was one-of-a-kind and we ironically met a bunch of people from Colorado and Texas that had kids who went to the same university as us back in the states. It truly is a small world.



After enjoying the view and drinks, we took the LRT back to Orchard Road where we settled on a Mexican restaurant and had some amazing nachos and guacamole. Singapore has delightful international food that did not disappoint!


The next morning, we grabbed our umbrellas and went to a french cafe for some coffee, croque monsieur and brownies for breakfast!




After breakfast, I took a taxi to the bus station, paid my fair and hopped on a nearly empty bus for a four hour drive back to Melacca, Malaysia. It was a fast trip to Singapore, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way with any other person!

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