Gabe R.


Goob. I mean, Gabe. I met Gabe the fall of my first year at college through the Resident Hall Association and Williams Village Program board. Aka the two places where all the nerds and people who feel like they need to do something with their college experience other than study and party go to gather. His presence alone is a massive ball of contagious, positive energy that echoes off everyone around him. It’s easy to be happy around Gabe and his sincere goofiness. He doesn’t take life too seriously while also being completely serious that he is having the time of his life at all moments. It’s a beautiful energy to be around.

After running into him by happen chance one day (he also mispronounced my name but I forgave him as my name is phonetically confusing…I blame my mom) I sent him a message to catch up later that week. After deciding that both of us weren’t hungry, we settled for chocolate milk and a sandwich at Farrand field on a beautiful, Boulder day.

Because Gabe is who he is, he embraced the thought of an interview…


Kaila: What is the difference between Boulder and where you grew up (Salt Lake City)?

Gabe: Boulder is a lot different than Salt Lake City, but i’ve always lived in a very liberal neighborhood with moutnains and good vibes. Boulder is very inception-y.

Kaila: Tell me about these good vibes.

Gabe: Just a lot of positivity here in Boulder. And that sounds cliche but its true. You can be who you want to be. I hope that’s true. It is. Maybe. But I have met so many people that have made me think that you can be who you want to be here. Those are the good vibes.

Kaila: What about other vibes here.

Gabe: This is so college but I love hearing about everyones dreams. Even if I think its the dumbest s*** ever, like accounting, but hey if they love it they should do it. The good vibes are genuine here. That’s the difference between here and Salt Lake City. Here it is just like yo, we are both people. But again, that is just me.

Kaila: What excites you about life?

Gabe: I am honestly so excited to have a wife and kids.

Kaila: Favorite thought or piece of advice?

Gabe: Give in, if you are so uncomfortable…do it.

Kaila: Who were you a year ago?

Gabe: Last year was great, but it was hard. I got scared. That’s the weird thing. And I love to think about circles and as a sociology major I am always thinking of the in and the out groups. Because I also have my dance friends and all that. I am a firm believer in learning through your own pain. And it sucks because I haven’t experienced severe pain. I’m very empathetic because struggle and discomfort leads to growth though. It isn’t as simple as drugs are good or bad, like some vague buddhist s*** about giving into fear and life. And that’s why we are here. And maybe to fall in love too.

Kaila: Three more questions


Where have you been?

I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled a ton of places. Spain, Portugal, France, England of course, Mexico and Canada. That is pretty much it. And the West Coast. My mom’s from Spain and that’s always our biggest vacation.

Where are you now?

I am right here in Boulder trying to find myself and dancing all the time. My feet are not still. And here is a little anecdote: I had a problem last year diving in, super hesitant and over the summer I worked at a camp with eight year olds and I taught them how to dive. Literally. Into a pool. I got back to Boulder and immediately became a dance major this year. Learning to dive this summer became me diving into my passions this school year. I love it because it worked. I saw these kids learning to dive with no fear into a pool and thought that maybe I should dive into school. Only eight years old and they know how to dive, they go for it.

Where are you going? 

Oh s*** are you kidding me, oh my go this is going to be cheesy but I am on my pursuit of happiness and making everyone around me happy. Creativity.

Always had a little dream of a charity through dance. Wow, I sound too noble. Cut.

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