Keane A.


A year ago I didn’t know who Keane was. We had both been members of the Resident Hall Association and were familiar with each other through the weekly meetings and gatherings in Williams Village, but genuinely didn’t know each other. The last month of school something sparked between us and we became best friends faster than you can say hashtag Be Boulder. We bonded over our quirky love for Hilary Duff, laying out in the sun on the field in Williams Village and complaining about people who complain about life. Over the summer our friendship continued to grow as we stayed in touch despite both of our busy schedules. We mostly bonded over the fact that our families were smothering us. True story. As we came back to Boulder this semester, we have remained steady friends with regular lunches and occasional weekend shennanigans.

It’s hard to say the exact moment that we became friends last spring, but all I know is that my life would be unrecognizable without Keane in my life. He is an undercover Persian rockstar, most loyal friend you will ever know, silliest dweeb, a poetic philosopher and if you are fortunate enough to know him he is the most giving being. He just doesn’t like you to know that.

During one of our lunches I interviewed him and he hesitantly agreed…


Kaila: Tell me about yourself.

Keane: I’m the first generation (in my family) to grow up in America. My parents are both immigrants. My dad came here for graduate school and my granddad was in the Navy as an admiral of the Persian Navy. He escaped over the border on foot.

Kaila: What connects you to your family?

Keane: My whole family is super close. We hang out and talk a lot. Three days ago I called my great aunt, not because we are necessarily close, but because I am obligated to call people ever so often.

Kaila: What do you admire about your mom and grandma?

Keane: My mom is modern and realistic and very up to date. My grandma is a bada**, doesn’t take s*** and loves us.

Kaila: Tell me about a memorable moment with your mom.

Keane: My mom made me mad one time and I took all her clothes out of her closet and threw them around the room and locked her out. This was when I was in elementary school. She was pissed, but I asked for it.

But the thing is that I have never felt like my mom doesn’t love me. I know she does. Always. That is beautiful. 

I don’t think its possible to find someone that I love more than my mom, maybe my grandma.

Kaila: What makes you feel alive?

Keane: This is a good one. Being happy, sad, nurturing and hurting other-physically. Like not hurt them. But if I bump into them or they trip, it makes me feel alive. I don’t even have to be the one doing ti. Just watching it makes me feel alive. Tripping is funny.

I think about immortality. I enjoy emotions. 

Kaila: What is your ideal morning?

Keane: I won’t see it because I will have slept through it all.

Kaila: What is your ideal evening?

Keane: Alone on my room on the internet.

I think it depends. I like to be by myself, but when I am in the mood I get very extroverted!


Where have you been?

Places, people and nouns. Change my answer.

Where are you now? 


Where are you going?


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