I met Amber through a mutual friend in Boulder and got to know her over a night of playing scrabble, drinking beer and eating burgers at Mountain Sun. My initial impression of her was that she was one of the most poised and eloquent people I had ever met that equally embodied grace and kindness. A week later we were both invited to celebrate our mutual friends families birthday at the Gold Hill restaurant in Gold Hill, Colorado. We ended up sitting next to each other at the massive dinning table in the log cabin and before digging into our food and listening to live music, we talked life.


Kaila: Tell me about your high school experience:

Amber: It was very alternative, The Open School, which was very travel individually based. It was a really great environment for me that allowed me to come into my own at a young age.

Kaila: What was a moment of impact there?

Amber: My advisor changed my course as we talked an hour a day as a group and individual once a week for about an hour. I had the same advisor for all four years. Kurt, he was just a fantastic role mode who one me. He knew when I needed help and when I was BS-ing and called me on it.

Kaila: What was a strong memory from your education there?

Amber: We went to the Boundary Waters. I remember that it was a rough trip where we traversed the series of lakes by canoe. We would canoe, carry the canoe, canoe…etc. It was ten days and then a three day solo portion. I was seventeen. Everything was covered in slugs and I had a moment of panic where I found myself 150ft away from every and there were slugs everywhere and I realized that no one is going to deal with this, it was like hey, You’re on your own and alone.

Kaila: What makes you soul sing and bring you joy?

Amber: When I am close to my community, which involves children that I work with through a boys and girls club. It’s a very tight-knit community that you spend together from seven in the morning to eleven at night. It was a very informative experience in high school.


Where have you been?

That is a good one. I guess I’ve been on a country or a miss finding ad following my passions and being authentic and working to align who I am and who I want to be.

Where are you now?

I am currently in a limbo. I am working for a company that doesn’t share all my values, but I am enjoying it and deciding where I am going. Financial and logistics.

Where are you going?

So, I’m working towards, I guess, understanding and realizing my value and values. Kind of cliche, but be the person I want to be and have control I want to be in a place with more control. Being authentic is at the root with a worry of finical and logistical.

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