Alfie P.


Like any good story, this one starts with a call to an Uber. I should end the story right there and let you do the math. However, this Uber story doesn’t involve alcohol, drama or a dateline story that ends in my death from climbing into a car with a stranger. As I recently turned twenty-one and have started the lengthy process of growing up and becoming an adult, I made a trip to the DMV to get my new license. This is where Alfie comes in as he was my driver that Uber gave me. I decided to turn the tables on my driver and had a great conversation for seven minutes while also making a new friend. What more could you ask for?


Kaila: Why are you an Uber driver?

Alfie: For fun. I own a twenty-year old business that manages ATM’s and credit cards. The business is managed nicely so I call this play time.

Kaila: Do you have any good stories from passengers?

Alfie: Actually no. Nothing salacious or juicy. I had a student one time who could warrant a story, but other than that it just is what it is. It was a very tame experience. All my rides have been enjoyable. One girl though I asked her to get out because she was so rude to me AND her boyfriend. Barking like a dog. Her boyfriend just remained silent the whole time. She flipped me off and I counted to ten and then drove away.

You know, not everyone is going to like us but you get dinged-its a surprise she your voting lacks (ratings on Uber) and you’re just like what??

I don’t do the evening, but in the summer time the brewery routes are very entertaining.

Nothing funnier than being lit.

Kaila: I noticed you don’t have a wedding ring.

Alfie: I am married, but I don’t wear my ring because of my business-it deals with a lot of cash and so for security measures I don’t wear it like if there was a hostage situation.

Kaila: Tell me about her.

Alfie: She is wonderful. Absolutely a wonder. We met at the athletic club and have two children. A daughter who is twenty-six and a son who is twenty-three and going to med school. Both great and graduation from college. They launched!

Kaila: Any regrets?

Alfie: One main regret was after I came back in 1969 from Vietnam. I was pissed off and wound up tight. I was mad and ready to take on the world…rather attack it. I wish I had let go and not let my own feelings eat at me. Let it go.

Kaila: I have three last questions before I go get my new license.


Where have you been?

I’ve been to lots of parts of the country. Traveled overseas because of the war, but mostly my travels have been in country.

Where are you now?

A great place. Physically, emotionally…well being is great.

Where are you going? 

This is going to sound cliche, but I am going forward. I use my past constructively. I do look back but only constructively. I wish I wasn’t rough from Vietnam, but now I am just going forward.

When I die I want to go kicking and screaming with a smile on my face.  

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