“I did what I did because I believe it is the right thing to do, and I will continue to do that”

So…I know I say this about the last book I read, last thing I ate and last movie that I saw…but this is really the absolute best! This movie felt more like a documentary about a polarizing person who quite literally changed the course of the human history whether you know it or not. I actually had the privilege of hearing Edward Snowden speak last year at an event with the Distinguished Speakers Board at CU Boulder where he skyped in with a moderator. Granted, it was Boulder, but the response and reception the audience gave him was of the highest regard.

This film was a beautiful piece of art. But what film has Oliver Stone made that wasn’t nothing short of breathtaking? Additionally, the cast was of the highest caliber including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley and a surprise appearance from Nicholas Cage. What? The illuminati were not part of this film.

The plot and story line was so detailed and had so much depth. It was an education, a piece of art and a glimpse into what it means to be human. That’s the goal of any piece of art, to recognize the humanity in the tangled webs that we create and life creates for us. What strikes me perhaps the most about Snowden is the weight he carried on his shoulders for the thousands and millions of people around the world that were being directly affected by his actions. To the world you may be somebody, but to somebody you are the world. It’s not easy to find the balance between understanding that a person is just a person, but a person in a position can be something more than just a “man.”

Another favorite part of this film was the relationship between Snowden and his girlfriend. The dynamic between the two and how their relationship progressed, survived and thrived not only humanized Snowden, but brought back the life lesson that we all continue to learn. We are all just humans.

Human. As Snowden’s lawyer said…You may not feel like it…but you are not alone.





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