Ghosts By Daylight Love, War And Redemtion


“Let it all go. Just try to live a happy life, as happy as you can possibly be.”


One of the latest books that I have been reading (not yet finished) is Ghosts By Daylight; Love, War And Redemption by Janine de Giovanni. I was given this book by a dear family friend and it is like no other book that I have read before. I have always had a fascination with journalism, especially in the international field in war and working with those who don’t have a voice. However, there is a cost to doing work like this and Giovanni highlights the beauty and horror that a journalist takes on with this kind of work. For ever action there is an opposite reaction and eventually it will catch up with everyone. Her voice and story is so honest and it is a great read for a beautiful sunny day, or a rainy day in. It is a reminder that everything comes with a cost, whether it is evident at the time or not. Giovanni is such a powerful woman, person, mother that has inspired me to continue on the path with determination, grace and the vulnerability to surrender to all that has to come that no one can plan.

Let me know how you enjoy this book!

Happy Reading,


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