Restaurant Review: Carelli’s Boulder


“I’m on a seafood diet…I see food and eat it.”

-How everyone actually feels deep down

A new addition to my website is a section where I review restaurants I have been to. I am fortunate to have grown up in a family that taught me how to cook, but also how to appreciate going out and trying lots of different types of cuisines. Recently, my mom came up to Boulder and we went to happy hour at one my favorite Italian restaurants in Boulder. Carellli’s is a great place to grab a bite with friends or family in an intimate environment that is casual and classy. Their happy hour menu is great as is the rest of their regular menu. They have a wonderful bar, outdoor seating, booths and high and low tables. The atmosphere makes for a quiet evening and the service is quite lovely.

Let me know if you have been to Carelli’s and what you think! Also restaurants that you recommend..anywhere in the world! I am also adding to my never ending list of places I want to go to. Food is life!

Happy eating



Salmon pasta: it was fabulous! The salmon was medium-rare (my favorite) and the pasta had amazing flavor.


A happy hour special that we loved. Phyllo wrapped shrimp in a lemon-butter caper sauce.


Another happy hour piece not to be missed. Roasted artichoke with a lemon butter dipping mayo.


A mussel introduction course that was plenty big to serve as an entree! I love mussels…and the best part is the sauce, dipping it in bread or pom frites is the perfect ending to this dish.




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