Life Lately


“You change your life by changing your heart.”

-Max Lucado

I haven’t done a type of this post as often as I would like to; however there is no better time to start than the present! Life lately has been fairly wonderful. I know I have said this before…but there is something about this time of the year that is so magical, but with that magic also comes a lot of change.

Not just in the weather, but in your body and the natural rhythm of life. Lately, I have felt exhausted with the combination of getting over being sick, the rush of midterms and everything that goes on in everyday life! However, it has been filled with a lot of friends, family and fun. What more could a girl ask for? Change is the only constant in life and fighting it usually causes a negative spiral. Embracing it and owning the small and large changes is ultimately how we grow. The good and bad change is all part of the deal of life. We often grow the most from the hardest moments as they test us as people and show the fight we have while the good moments are what makes everything worth it. This week I displayed one of my art pieces in an exhibit and was honored to see the rest of my classmates pieces as well. One girl created a beautiful suspended dancer and had a performance piece to go with it. It gave me the shivers. Her dance was earth shattering and made my heart beat a little faster. The feeling and moment was summed up by what she said after; that dance for her is all about leading with the heart and letting the mind and body follow.

Heart, mind body.

What a great life lesson.

Let me know how you feel about the change in seasons and the constant state of change in life!



In Denver for the night to visit some family. One of my favorite family members, Whiskey the cat, was not amused by my costume.


It was a beautiful Boulder day Thursday afternoon and I lay on Farrand Field, soaking in the sunshine and the wise words of Malcolm Gladwell.


Chautauqua at dusk. After the sunset I went to a screening of the film Race to Extinction (will review soon) with the producer, Olivia. I have seen this film before, in fact in a documentary class last fall where Olivia, a friend of my professor, came to the class and we got to talk to her about the process and how she got into the business.


I was quite proud of myself! I carved this pumpkin with an exacto knife and got some pretty cool results. Rise Ralphie Rise! Apparently our football team is doing pretty great lately.


I haven’t been able to go to as many yoga classes as I would like to, yoga is such a mental relief for me and centers me in my mind while also getting some endorphins! But as my dear friend reminded me, it’s not about how much yoga you do…but the quality and that you are practicing for yourself…not to compete against yourself or others.


I just finished this cardboard piece for an exhibit! I will show the final result in my art section soon. I was so proud of this piece!

Have a great and safe Halloweekend!


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