Lessons in Life

You know you live somewhere and are not just visiting in the smallest of ways that are all related to people. Life is about relationships. Not just with our family and friends and coworkers, but the daily people we pass by and have interactions with. Living somewhere is when the local Family Mart cashiers know you like the brown sugar syrup in your latte, the bakery cashier assumes you want honey lemon ginger tea whe she sees you and the dumpling lady doesn’t ask for your order because she knows you want two orders of the first dumpling on the menu. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and one was talking about making impact in the world and how they are often big and small. Yet, these labels are just what they are, labels. Because what is often perceived as a big impact is actually much smaller compared to the waves that small impacts continue to make.

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Life Lately


“You change your life by changing your heart.”

-Max Lucado

I haven’t done a type of this post as often as I would like to; however there is no better time to start than the present! Life lately has been fairly wonderful. I know I have said this before…but there is something about this time of the year that is so magical, but with that magic also comes a lot of change.

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Allen M


A little over two months ago I embarked on a journey of seemingly minimal portions that has evolved (and continues to) to be one of the greatest things I have done to date. This journey that continues to unravel in profound ways was the path to becoming a yoga instructor through Corepower Yoga in Boulder. This is where I met Allen.

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On my way to being certifiable…I mean certified. Certified yoga teacher


Wheel pose at the top of Mt. Bierstadt

I started doing yoga when I was fifteen for the reason that 99% of people start, for the physical component; it can’t be denied that many types of yoga are a great workout. Over the past five years, my yoga practice has evolved as I have come back to it, taken a break and come back once again. This past spring I found myself getting significantly more into the practice of yoga, exploring the bounds beyond just the physical practice and experiencing the more mental component that is so powerful. After a month long break this summer due to traveling throughout Southeast Asia, I came back to the practice in full force that was fueled further by the return to school and Boulder. This past month I have tried to practice yoga five to six times a week, only skipping a day when my schedule prohibited me from attending a class. This last month I have become hooked on yoga and have seen the biggest transformation within myself. I attribute this to own evolution in yoga; the realization that I now practice yoga not just for the physical dance, but for the spiritual, emotional and mental as well.

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