On my way to being certifiable…I mean certified. Certified yoga teacher


Wheel pose at the top of Mt. Bierstadt

I started doing yoga when I was fifteen for the reason that 99% of people start, for the physical component; it can’t be denied that many types of yoga are a great workout. Over the past five years, my yoga practice has evolved as I have come back to it, taken a break and come back once again. This past spring I found myself getting significantly more into the practice of yoga, exploring the bounds beyond just the physical practice and experiencing the more mental component that is so powerful. After a month long break this summer due to traveling throughout Southeast Asia, I came back to the practice in full force that was fueled further by the return to school and Boulder. This past month I have tried to practice yoga five to six times a week, only skipping a day when my schedule prohibited me from attending a class. This last month I have become hooked on yoga and have seen the biggest transformation within myself. I attribute this to own evolution in yoga; the realization that I now practice yoga not just for the physical dance, but for the spiritual, emotional and mental as well.


Wheel pose at Arches National Park, Utah.

About two weeks ago, I took the plunge and decided to sign up for teacher training. It was a decision that made sense for me at this point in my life, it was as if all the other aspects of my life lined up to allow me to say carpe diem and dive right in. I have come to a point in my practice where I want more; where taking a class a day isn’t enough. I want to know more about how to push myself in my practice and learn about the mechanics of yoga. There is a reason it is magical. It doesn’t just happen by chance. And I want to know why.


Tree pose for sunrise on top of the flat irons in Boulder, Colorado. 

Last night I had my first teacher training class with about twenty other wonderful individuals and our four instructors. It was slightly terrifying, wonderful and exciting all at once. Over the next two months we will be each be completing 200 hours of yoga and training to receive our official teacher certification. After going over the course outline and getting to know each others names, we split up into omie groups which is the equivalent to a small family to start to establish our network of support. It was great to get to know a few individuals more as well as hear from everyone in the large group why we all decided to start this journey of yoga teacher training. We all have busy lives, but for some reason, diving deeper into our individual and collective yoga practices was important enough for us to all sign up.


Tree pose on the skybridge on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia 

I am too excited to start this journey as see where it takes me. I will be personally journaling after each of the training classes and yoga classes I take and updating some of my reflections and progress on the blog as well! Here’s to an infinite amount of chatarangas, namastes and ujjayi breathing.


Friend tree pose at Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado. 

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