Allen M


A little over two months ago I embarked on a journey of seemingly minimal portions that has evolved (and continues to) to be one of the greatest things I have done to date. This journey that continues to unravel in profound ways was the path to becoming a yoga instructor through Corepower Yoga in Boulder. This is where I met Allen.

You could say that Allen was one of my OG, original Omie’s. For those of you not familiar with yoga verbiage, an omie is a true yoga pal/friend/sibling that like family, you don’t choose but love all the same. It’s beyond incredible the friendships that are created on the foundation of yoga through the community. We spent many hours together with the rest of our community learning about the complex yet simple nature of being a yoga teacher while also regularly practicing yoga. Allen was the first person I would call or text to take classes with; we held each other accountable for getting in as much yoga as possible. Even if that meant two classes back-to-back starting at six in the morning before dawn.

One evening I was invited by Allen to the Gold Hill Inn restaurant in Gold Hill, Colorado for a celebration with his friends and family.

I interviewed him over some amazing food and conversation…


Kaila: Tell me about your childhood.

Allen: I was born in California, then my family moved to India for a year when I was four/five and then we returned back to Boulder when I was seven.

(we then discovered we attended the same summer camp and reminiscenced in the classic song everyone sang on the school bus up the mountain. “Colorado Mountain Ranch Camp, you’re the camp for me, no other camp can ever compare….land across the sea!”)

Kaila: But, what were you like as a kid?

Allen: I was very mischievous. I don’t know how to describe the type of mischief, but I was. Ask my parents! I thought I was Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. When I think of it (childhood), most of my strong memories are from India those two years we lived there. They were such informative Holi and Diwali.

Kaila: What do you remember from then that was so informative?

Allen: As a kid when I went to India and was like wow, this is totally different. I attended a preschool with all Indian students that all spoke different dialects. It was very confusing. May have set me up to be confused my whole life! But I was less confused as a child compared to now I think.

Kaila: What was your favorite part about living in India?

Allen: It was more simple way of life, spending so much time with my loving family. I remember strongly certain aspects of India alike seeing bats fly by at night. I haven’t been back since I was eleven.

Kaila: What does your family mean to you?

Allen: We are all influenced collectively and individually, but mostly collectively. We were traveling so much as kids my family was my main social experience. I was and have always been very close to my sister.

Kaila: Tell me about her.

Allen: Well, Hannah is younger and we were always really close, like best friends since the beginning. She taught me true friendship. She has always been adventurous, but I like to be the older brother and take care of someone. It’s bizarre to think I lived five years without her. I don’t remember that time. Life started at India and Hannah.


Kaila: Okay, I’m going to ask you three last questions.

Where have you been?

India, Nepal, England, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, I think that’s about it. Well Hawaii, east coast, west coast. I think that’s pretty much it…and Ireland.

Where are you now?

All over the place. Currently Colorado, another post college gap year.

Where are you going?

Hopefully Nepal, India..yeah America too.

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