She is one of those people who will never stop learning and evolving.

You never know what could happen or who you are going to meet when you unplug from the beautiful craziness of life and open yourself to the natural dynamic of the world. Stopping to smell the roses is a beautiful thing and opens a world of possibilities, conversations and experiences you didn’t realize would happen. On my 22nd birthday the other day, I decided to take a solo hike up the Flat Irons to get some perspective and personally reflect on the last year. As I was climbing up to the treeline, I noticed a familiar figure in front up me and thought “it couldn’t possibly be Ellen from art class.” I have inherited my mother’s tendency to think that I am always recognizing someone I know. Nine times out of ten…we do not know them. But it turns out that it was Ellen! Ellen is a wonderful woman who is in a sculpture class with me at CU Boulder. She is one of those people who will never stop learning and evolving. We had a wonderful hike, and she kindly agreed to a spontaneous five minute interview. These are her thoughts…


Kaila: Hey Ellen, let’s start this interview off a little boldly. How old are you?

Ellen: That is not a fair question (laughs)…I am twenty one plus!

Kaila: Hey me too! Where were you born?

Ellen: New York City.

Kaila: And what brought you to beautiful Colorado?

Ellen: I was a nature girl and I didn’t get much of that in New York. I came to graduate school in Fort Collins and got my masters in atmospheric science. And I never left.

Kaila: What has been your favorite job in your lifetime so far?

Ellen: I loved working in atmospheric science, working as a team and doing all the research.

Kaila: What’s your family like?

Ellen: I am married with two children who are both grown and are fairly settled. They all moved to the east from the west where as I moved from the west to the east. They were so lucky to grow up in Boulder, I wish I had! I don’t think they realize that yet.

Kaila: Yeah sometimes you have to leave to appreciate where you came from. Where is your favorite place you have been in the world?

Ellen: Ooh, recently I went to New Zealand with my husband which was fantastic. We ran into his horrible weather but it was great. We took a helicopter ride.

Kaila: I just turned 22 today, what were you like at 22?

Ellen: Ah, I can’t think of that time. Well I guess I had just moved to Colorado and was getting my wings. I was just excited about everything; it was all new! I was doing a lot of hiking…I was born a nature girl and really embraced that here.


Kaila: Anymore thoughts?

Ellen: No, this was fun! It’s fun to get to talk about yourself.

Kaila: Okay, three last questions.

Where have you been?

Is this an existential question? Where have I been. That takes some thought. Well when I was growing up in New York, I didn’t like it very much. And coming out here was just wonderful. So I guess I was in a place that was not very simpatico with who I am and my desires. But I came out here and fulfilled a large part of what I wanted to do. I was not in a place where I wanted to be…but I have arrived now.

Where are you now?

I am in a great place. My children are all grown. But we are hiking now and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Where are you going?

I would like to travel more. I have traveled a lot, but even more. I would like to see my kids more and have a balance between free time and work. I guess I am going in the same direction. And if Boulder gets to crowded…I’m moving to Montana!



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