A Movie I Love: Babel

2006 Babel Dvd Front Salesview.jpg

“If you want to be understood …Listen.”

Babel is a film that has an all-star cast and a director that gives the performance of a lifetime. Alejandro Gonzalez choreographs a beautiful dance around the world that brings four families in different countries all together in the most unusual circumstances.

We are all connected in infinite ways that we don’t even realize and this film is a snapshot of one of those instances. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchet are beyond extraordinary as a husband and wife trying to repair their relationship by traveling the world. This is a timeless film that you don’t watch often, but when you do you do so with your loved ones. I love introducing this film to my friends and family and watching it with them to see their reactions or hearing about it over coffee!

Let met know what you think of this movie and if you haven’t see it, go go go!



Rinko Kukuchi in Japan




A husband and wife


A woman making an impossible decision whiletaking care of two kids.

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