Rise and Shine and Road trip


“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”

-Earl Nightingale


Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

I am sure that I have said this about a past road trips, and I will say it again. There is no place like the open road, listening to music and laughing as you whiz past small towns and stop whenever you want. Don’t get me wrong, my favorite type of travel right now is by plane. But there is something so beautiful and nostalgic about a good road trip (and roadtrip junk food).


Grand Canyon

This January before school started, I took a whirlwind of a roadtrip around the four corner states. I by whirlwind….I mean it was one massive adventure condensed into four days. I really didn’t have much of a plan at all and booked hotels a few hours before I arrived in the next destination and it worked out perfectly! It’s more fun that way sometimes; just having a destination in mind and letting the rest play itself out.


Grand Canyon on a misty day

First stop was for ice cream in Denver (obviously) because every good trip/day starts with ice cream. True story. Next stop was Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs the Albuquerque, New Mexico, Grand Canyon, Buena Vista, Colorado and back home to beautiful Boulder.


Buena Vista, Colorado

This post isn’t too long (sorry) because I am in the midst of a massively busy school schedule combined with some very exciting traveling coming up in March! I can’t wait to say goodbye to February and welcome to March into my life.

Until next time,


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