Bailee M


I think back to how I met this amazing human and it comes down to that we were both adopted from China and our paths happened to merge here at CU Boulder. Bailee is an amazing, exuberant lady who has endless passion and is the human version of the energizer bunny. She casually drops that she ran nine miles in the morning before class frequently. Don’t we all. Born in China and raised in Boulder, Bailee is a self proclaimed “boulderite” who is currently training to be a yoga instructor, making her own kombucha and planning a running road trip around the USA this summer. I honestly don’t know how she does it all! One thing I love about Bailee is her spirit of adventure that even comes down to her hair which is currently dyed a vibrant pink. After our physical anthropology class one day, we sat down on a beautiful day outside a talked life, cute running boys and plans for the future. (Ps. She is single).


Kaila: Hey Bailee, how is your morning going?

Bailee: Good. I went for a run this morning on with a group that was eight miles.

Kaila: Why

Bailee: Because it is fun. Running is like a drug. You get addicted and it’s so pretty in the morning and motivating and fun to do it with a group.

Kaila: How was it growing up in Boulder?

Bailee: I don’t think I can ever leave. I have become so Boulder. I love the casual environment. In other cities I feel like you have to go home and change, while in Boulder it’s just come as you are vibe.

Kaila: What inspired you to train to become a yoga instructor?

Bailee: I have always been a runner and yoga and running go really well together. Now is better time than any to do the training.

Kaila: What is the weirdest thing about you?

 Bailee: I don’t know, there is a lot. You probably think I’m weird. My running friends think I am weird because I enjoy suffering in the running game.

Kaila: If you could live anywhere else in the world where would you live?

Bailee: The mountains elsewhere in Colorado, like Crested Butte.

Kaila: So you are never going to leave Colorado (I mean why would you)?

Bailee: Maybe for a little but eventually I will come back, it’s my bubble. I want to go back to China for a bit too.




Where have you been?

(Stares at me blankly) This is hard. As a person I have changed a lot. I want to pursue my passions beyond music.

Where are you now?

Right now, I finally figured out what I am doing the next few years. Computer science, music and Chinese. I am casually a triple major.

Where are you going?

I want to narrow down and combine everything I love, and survived college and find a really attractive runner and go on long runs together.

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