Crazy Times Continues…

IMG_3253 (1)

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

-Benjamin Franklin

IMG_3332With Sonia and Augie at the top.

After visiting a local college one day and listening to some of the students very impressive thesis presentations, we hiked up a small but steep mountain for a different view of Coroico. Some of the moments I appreciate the most are not the crazy jumping off cliffs and running around festivals, but the long walks down dirt paths laughing with friends.

IMG_3148 (1)We had a free afternoon and most of decided to go ziplining with our guide Lucio who is also a ziplining guide. I’ve been before and always love the thrill of soaring over and through clouds and jungles.

IMG_3181On a Sunday morning, a few of us decided to go canyoning, trekking, repelling down waterfalls and swimming/jumping off cliffs and had the absolute best time! This was the best waterfall repelling I have ever done and despite the absolutely freezing water, it was a day spent of playing like we were kids and giggling at the simple joys.

IMG_3183 (1)


The beautiful clouds as we descended down from Uchamachi. We started the hike at 5am to be at the top for sunrise which decided to hide from us in the clouds. At the top we had a blessing ceremony and burned items from a yteri would blessed as the night before.

FullSizeRender (42)(With Gaby on the top of Uchamachi. This girl slayed the hike and was one of the first people up)

My next post about Bolivia will wrap up the trip and focus more on the internal and not just the external experience. As I adjust back to my routine in the States, I have been spending time reflecting on the experience and how powerful it was and continues to be. The rest of the summer is going to full of different types of adventures, but summer 2017 will always remind me of Bolivia.



3 thoughts on “Crazy Times Continues…

  1. Kaila, oh my god how I love reading all of these memories and reflections on our Bolivia adventure!!! I wish we could do it all again! Sending huge hugs to you all the way in Shanghai now — and THANK YOU for the gorgeous photograph that you took in Copacabana. The color version is stunning, and is right in my living room. I love it!!!!!! And it was fun seeing your mom again ❤



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