Sonia M

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Sonia is pure sunshine. There is no other way to put it as she radiates joy that pours out of her gentle nature, kindness and adorable dimples. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and is emotionally intelligent beyond belief. Her empathy and commitment to learn from everyone she meets is so admirable and I know she is one of those people here on earth that quite possibly is an angel.

Sonia was one of our guides on our trip and has been working with our professor for a few years. We got to know her very well (and vice versa) as we spent almost everyday with her. I miss her a lot and can’t wait until she comes to visit us all one day back in the States. She has touched the lives of so many with her kindness and warmth and I can’t wait to see where the future takes her.

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Kaila: What was your childhood like?

Sonia: I grew up in Santa Barbara, Bolivia and lived in a small community where I was dedicated to study and work. I was like this because I lived in a humble place and learned to feel the happiness in the family.

Kaila: What do you currently do?

Sonia: I am a Spanish teacher and spend most of my time with foreigners, currently with your group. I like the most that I learn a lot from them and them from me; it is a true exchange. I can see how equal we are and how we all learn. When I learn, I grow my mind. It helps to be open minded and understand others.

Kaila: What makes you laugh?

Sonia: During my whole life, I have had success and felt overall okay. And when you suffer, in a deep way you just realized that you just need to laugh and smile to get through it even when it is very sad. It teaches you many things.

Kaila: What do you find strange about Americans?

Sonia:I don’t think they are strange. Maybe just the relationship between the people of our countries like in terms of politics, but all people are normal.

Kaila: What scares you about life?

Sonia: I need to try something and I am afraid to make a permanent bad decision. That scares me. Something that lasts forever.

Kaila: What do you hope for the future generations?

Sonia: It’s a lot to ask. I only ask people for respect. For everyone from different languages, cultures, way of life, I wanted them to be more open minded. Give that space.

Kaila: What is your advice to any young adult?

Sonia: Enjoy life with health and liberty. Enjoy it because it is just memories. Live as much as possible in a good way.


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Where have you been?

I have been to many different parts of the world. Humbles palces to some of the richest.

Where are you now?

In Coroico.

Where are you going?

To build my life. Everyday.

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