Week One: I Moved to Shanghai

Well I really can’t believe that it just a week shy of my arrival in Shanghai where I have moved to work teaching English to young students. My body has adjusted and the jet lag is dissipating. I do wonder:

Why am I the only one sweating in this heat and humidity?

Well, at least it feels that way! I now understand why people use umbrellas in the sun. When I lived in Malaysia I was confused about this sun avoidance habit as I just wore sunscreen. However, I now understand as and umbrella is a weapon and mechanism to hide from the sun and not just the rain.

I have really loved taking the metro and the convenience of it all. Sure sometimes you are packed like a little sardine and it can be claustrophobic, but that only happens for a few stops or so. People sleep on the metro, but mostly are on their phones!

Here is a map of the whole metro system of Shanghai. You can get to most places with two lines (only one transfer) and often one line and some walking.

There are several exits to each metro and the transfer lines are clearly marked with a color block. When you buy a ticket, the map is displayed in English as well which is super helpful.

This morning I was able to make my way to a foreign book store that I fell in love with. Book stores are one of my happy places! As a bonus, it also had a small art gallery that I checked out.

The next two photos are just things I found to be interesting. At the entrance of most stores and malls, there are these posts that are plastic bags to put your umbrella in. Very smart when it is raining off and on and avoids getting the store wet! Always carry an umbrella with you.

This photo I wanted to include because of the recycling addition! This did not exist my past visits to China (at least I don’t remember). Coming from Boulder, Colorado I really appreciate places that recycle!

I have been observing classes and will continue to do so this week. The summer session is ending and all teachers (new and continuing) will be in training for a week to prepare for the fall semester.

Shanghai is such a dynamic and fascinating city and this is just the beginning…

Upwards and onwards!


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