Life Lately in Shanghai!

Merry Christmas Eve to all! While there is an abundance of Christmas decorations around Shanghai, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas. This isn’t bad as I’m not having the nostalgia for the holidays and missing home that much. I’ve been busy with yoga, work, reading and all the good stuff. I will be making some Scandinavian cookies per tradition this week and treating myself to a holiday massage. 2018 has been quite the year that started with a trip to Mexico and is ending in Shanghai! Who would have guessed. I finished writing the family holiday letter and am headed out to find some dumplings before work. Here’s a look at some photos of my life lately!

Two weekends ago a bid farewell and happy birthday to my German Queen Nadine! She completed her internship and is back in Germany. I already miss her a lot and it’s been wonderful having her here.

This is my favorite fruit man in all of Shanghai! He has a truck right outside my office and sells the best fruit. I love the pomelos.

I have mentioned my LEGO set before on the blog. Well, thanks to TaoBao I got a great new edition. A mini Trump complete with a Make America Great hat! I generously gave him a job at Family Mart. I also added a train of Santa, Mrs. Clauss and the Statue of Liberty.

My nerdy winter hobby has returned in full force and I am loving it! I am planning on making hats for those in need in China to stay warm this winter.

I love walking around The Bund and just soaking in the skyline at all times of the day! It’s beautiful at sunrise and at dark with the famous lights.

A child on a leash is a daily sighting in China. Sometimes the leash is attached via a backpack. I wonder if they make retractable versions.

My sweet students got me a candle and wrote me this cute note for the holidays! One even got me my favorite Godiva chocolate.

One of my older students is comparing China and America for an essay and his thoughts are very funny and accurate. “they both don’t like each other and all think their country is better.”

I came home one day last week and my roommate had made me dinner! It was so thoughtful and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. My favorite was the vegetable Korean pancake! Also, why have I never thought to put spicy peppers in my pasta. Amazing!

That’s life lately! I will be celebrating New Year’s Eve with some friends before diving into the adventures of 2019.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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