First Few Days of 2019: Shanghai Edition

Ni Hao 2019! 2019 is here and the holidays have had me in a state of sentimental reflection thinking about the past year and immensely looking forward to this one! There are so many moments in life, and even more now, that I pause and think “is this real life.” So many funny moments that are absurd, magical, wonderful and sometimes heartbreaking. I spent New Years Eve with my favorite British gals, Stacey and Fran eating delicious food, watching Taylor Swift on Netflix and popping some Proseco to ring in 2019. I was also introduced to the show the Inbetweeners, had a proper cup of British tea and danced around in a circle singing some old English song.

Sweet Stacey got me hot chocolate packets, Rocky Mountain marshmallows and peppermint syrup! Months ago I commented on how Starbucks didn’t have peppermint hot chocolate and she got me some to make my own. Insert crying tears of love and joy

Halfway through New Year’s Eve, we ordered Dairy Queen because why not! It came delivered in its own little cooler and ice pack. I love China. Also I got these festive headbands for us all because BEING FESTIVE IS IMPORTANT.

I like to think I’m more a thinker and less a drinker, but for NYE I made an exception! I also found some of my favorite vinho verde. Stacey along with her amazing spread of food also made lovely mulled wine.

While this post is technically about 2019, I can’t forget about the evening of December 30th at Red Lobster. I will never forget this night! Red Lobster opened in China and Stacey and I of course had to go! I got lost in the huge IFC mall between Gucci, Prada and Chanel trying to find this American classic. What makes this experience so special is not the cheese rolls or lobster, but rather our fabulous waitress Winnie!

She was a fantastic, amazing human being who deserves all the love in the world because she is a true gift! After Stacey was brought her crab legs, the other waiter forgot the butter. We informed Winnie of this and she said “how dare they!”

However , the true highlight was being-spoon fed truffle lobster Mac and cheese by Winnie. Near the end of the meal my pasta was all but finished and she asked if she could take it. I jokingly said I was still working on it and to help me. Well, Winnie got a spoon, scooped some truffle cheese sauce and put it right into my mouth. Honestly one of the funniest moments of my life. She then went to Stacey who said she was finished but I encourage her to help! Winnie put her hand under Stacey’s chin and spoon fed her pasta too. We were dying of laughter at this point. A highlight of 2018.

I also finished my first audio book! I typically don’t like audio books, but Michelle Obama read it and I really enjoyed it. What an incredible human being. The audiobook was over 11 hours so I’ve slowly been diving into it since December on the metro, on walks and around in my room. I highly recommend it!

Work is work as usual, I continue to do a lot of yoga and am staying warming in the cold of the Shanghai winter. I hope at the beginning of 2020 I look back on 2019 and marvel at what a beautiful year it was. For now, I’m going to live it!

Happy New Year to all!


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