Sheryl in Shanghai Part II

Shanghai is the ultimate metropolitan city and no visit is complete without checking out the Starbucks Reserve which is an incredible space of design and delicious treats! It’s filled with both food and beverages you can’t get in regular stores and you can watch them roast the beans right their. It’s a symphony of excellent customer service and beautiful execution. Of course I had to take my mom! It’s also located on West Nanjing street which is a happening and trendy place to check out.

The drinks are quite creative, if not overtop. This is a sparkling chair creme. Coffee and the culture associated with it is quite fascinating. The cold brew, infusions, combinations and innovation is spectacular! They also have delicious in house pastries and breads.

Of course I had to show off the spectacular and world famous skyline. It was foggy that day, but the skyline was still magnificent! I later showed it off in the evening with the lights and glory.

A fun activity we did was a cooking class where we learned to make three dishes. While they were in the simple side, it was a lot of fun and we learned some great cutting techniques. The noodles of our labor.

A tomato and egg dish I can’t type because autocorrect keeps changing it.

And OF COURSE no visit would be complete without the Urban Planning Museum. I kid you not when I say I’ve been here probably six times. Something about the model just really excites me and puts Shanghai in perspective.

The next morning we took a three hour bullet train to Huangshan to hike the Yellow Mountains! We took a DiDi to save time to the base of the mountains, got on a bus and cable car and arrived at the top.

We went there was almost no one was there during off season which was the most special part! I’ve seen pictures of busy season and I can’t imagine trying to hike in the mobs.

You can hike starting at the very bottom which takes three hours just to part of the mountain or take a 10 minute cable car ride. In the name of time and our knees we took the later option.

Truly spectacular! While the mountains were foggy, it was quite mystical and serene. I’ll go one day during the summer or fall when it’s more clear and I have prepared myself for the crowds.

We spent the night on the mountain, hiked down in the morning and stayed at the cutest hotel/hostel in Tunxi. The accommodations at the top of the mountains aren’t great, but you have to remember that everything has to be carried up! I still recommend staying up on the mountain for the night especially if the weather is clear to see the sunrise. It’s also quite spectacular after a snowfall.

My sweet friend and coworker took us to dinner one night and my mom also got to meet my roommates and coworkers! It was so fun introducing her to everyone and letting her see the life I’ve created here! We went to the Yu Gardens her last night before I sent her off.

Needless to say I am recovering from our busy schedule and back to my busy routine! I have a feeling that March is going to fly by and am so excited for April.

What a special time in life!


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